A Rascal At Heart

by Rockin' Rascals

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After two years of being a band (one of those years was just a collection of just talking about being a band and hanging out) we finally released an E.P. It was recorded through our friend Austin Minney at his home (which is also where we took our album art work).


released July 3, 2014

We would like to thank Aaron Saye for helping us book most of our shows, and without him our band would have no where. We would also like to thank anyone who has let us play their house show, booked us the Blue bird, Bar Bar, and Moes BBQ, and also a big thanks to the Seventh Circle Community. Seventh Circle has become a second home to us like any other local Denver band, and without our fans who attend seventh circle and help run it we would have gotten no where.



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Rockin' Rascals Denver, Colorado

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Track Name: Rascal Crew
Don't f*ck with us cause we'll f*ck with you,
Take a step back cause were the rascal crew,
Time for you to pay your due,
Take your shit, in the pit, you ain't seen nothing yet.
Track Name: D.P again
I don't think we've talked before
But I think we should
Saw you at my show tonight
Were we any good?

See the red flags raisin'
But I just don't care
See the red lights flashin'
Or is that just your hair?

You wanna take me home tonight?
Don't wanna meet my folks?
Why are you giving me that smile?
Is this some kind of joke?

Didn't think you were this kinda girl
When I saw you at the show
Don't wanna step foot in your car
I said no!

Get! Your hand! Off my neck!
Get! Your hand! Off my neck!


This hickey is a war wound,
I'm a prisoner of war
She's takin' me on a "second date"
But I didn't ask for more.
The moral of the story?
Stay away from groupie girls.